Inxeption’s Online Shipping Rate Calculator Now Lets Customers Preview Their Custom, No-Surprise, Flat Shipping Rate

Brisbane, Calif. (PRWeb) September 24, 2020

I-commerce pioneer Inxeption today announced an innovative online shipping calculator that lets business customers instantly get a flat-rate shipping estimate based on providing just a short list of logistics data. It streamlines logistics and eliminates a huge pain point for business customers.

“We have now processed hundreds of thousands of online transactions, which powers our new artificial intelligence algorithm to generate flat shipping rates for customers,” explains Jennifer Roberts, VP product marketing at Inxeption. "As more and more companies pivot to direct, online selling, it’s driving significant transaction growth for us and insights that enable us to offer instant, attractive rates."

The online, AI-enhanced calculator is just the latest innovation in B2B I-commerce that Inxeption has pioneered. Inxeption’s mission is to help all companies Do Business Better with its integrated eCommerce and logistics platform. The flat-rate shipping model, itself, is designed to solve a persistent thorn in the side of companies who work with shipping carriers who reserve the right to tack on additional or “accessorial” charges to their initial shipping estimates. That means weeks or even months after a shipment, carriers may bill a company for additional charges that can wipe out profits on a given order.

In addition to the flat-rate shipping innovation for customers, “Business buyers increasingly want to shop for and buy all kinds of products large and small online, but often those products are more complicated to order and ship than consumer-oriented eCommerce platforms can handle,” Roberts explains. “The Inxeption platform is industrial strength. Our shopping carts can accept purchase orders and even execute service contracts."

For example, Inxeption customer iKamper, which makes rooftop tents, had grown frustrated trying to price its popular camping products because shipping costs to different regions of the country were so unpredictable. “Freight quotes vary wildly based on the destination zip code, lift gate service, appointment, etc. It's tough for a business to effectively budget, and this is where Inxeption's flat-rate shipping proves to be so valuable,” explains Nathan Hendrix, Managing Director, iKamper.

The calculator is live now. Check it out here, or call 888.852.4783 to learn more about Inxeption flat-rate shipping.

Inxeption’s transaction database gets bigger every day; look for more and more easy online tools designed to help you Do Business Better.

About Inxeption:

Founded in 2017, Inxeption is the pioneer of I-commerce, or online selling for business. Its secure and scalable platform brings the ease of consumer eCommerce to B2B. From one digital dashboard, companies of any size in any industry can drive more sales, better manage their supply chain, and realize cost savings. Its service offerings include shipping insurance and other financial services, flat-rate logistics, web design, and strategic marketing. At Inxeption, our invitation to all companies is: Let's Do Business Better.

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