Inxeption’s New Shipping Protection Means Customers Can ‘Do Shipping Insurance Better’


Inxeption Corp. announced today it is offering its customers competitively priced insurance protection for their freight and parcel shipments. The goal is to reduce the hassles and delays surrounding compensation for goods damaged or lost in transit, which is a frequent source of frustration and expense for businesses of all kinds and sizes.

Many businesses believe they are getting shipping protection through their carrier’s liability coverage. Later, they learn it does not function as actual shipping insurance and they have to haggle over unpaid carrier liability claims. With Inxeption, customers can quickly and easily sign up for either parcel or freight shipping protection as part of their shipping process because the service is integrated into Inxeption’s powerful I-commerce platform. Then, they can return to running their business instead of worrying about damage, lost deliveries, and other covered events.

If something does go wrong, thanks to Inxeption’s partnership with Falvey Shippers Insurance, Inxeption Commerce Partners can file a claim online, making it fast and easy to be reimbursed. According to Falvey, the average claim is settled in just 7-10 days once supporting documentation is submitted. “Having convenient access to shipping insurance is a benefit for companies seeking to protect their investments throughout the supply chain,” says Inxeption's Vice President Product Marketing, Jennifer Roberts. “We’re excited to help customers protect their freight and parcel shipments as part of the logistics transaction. Our goal is offering responsive, complete coverage, and resolving claims as quickly as possible.”

About Inxeption: Inxeption is the pioneer of I-commerce. Its secure and scalable platform brings the ease of consumer e-commerce to business. From one digital dashboard, companies of any size in any industry can drive more sales, better manage their supply chain, and realize cost savings. At Inxeption, our invitation to companies of any size is: Let's Do Business Better.

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