Inxeption Tackles the High and Unpredictable Costs of B2B E-Commerce Freight Shipping with Zippy Freight


Inxeption Corporation, the pioneer of blockchain-for-business, announced today the immediate availability of Zippy Freight, a powerful new service to help B2B merchants get shipping costs and complexity under control and obtain flexible logistics options.

Now bundled into the price of the Inxeption platform, Zippy Freight is designed for businesses of every size—whether companies who normally ship simple parcel orders or those that regularly ship large quantities at a time, odd-shaped packages, or containers of more than 100 pounds. With Zippy Freight, business customers can control all aspects of selling as well as freight shipping and tracking from one secure dashboard. They also can compute their total cost up front, eliminating after-the-fact shipping exception charges.

Many companies have already signed up to use Zippy Freight to tailor their shipping options to their business at a price that works. “This removes a huge hurdle for us in expanding our e-commerce presence,” says Todd McAllister, Founder and CEO of McAllister Retail, a Direct Supplier of electric boilers and industrial steam irons, presses, vacuum tables for the garment, retail, dry cleaners, and hospitality industry. "Not only is freight now easier, but when I can include free shipping, buying with McAllister becomes a no-brainer for the customer."

Inxeption’s industrial-strength commerce platform and online product catalog gives manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers a simple, fast way to set up a company-branded online site to conduct e-commerce transactions. Inxeption then helps them first list and market, and then sell their products to their business customers. Its blockchain-secured technology helps ensure that sensitive information such as contract-specific pricing and negotiated rates are only shared between the buyer and seller.

“Business customers need more logistics support and flexibility from an online platform than B2C customers do. Zippy Freight is the newest element of a powerful set of capabilities we call industrial or “I-commerce,” explains Mark Moore, COO and co-founder of Inxeption. “I-commerce offers the ease of use consumers expect, and the flexibility and security businesses demand.”

Zippy Freight in Action Atul Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Bela Drink, a beverage company inspired by Ayurveda, the 5000-year old traditional Indian holistic medicinal system and sister-science of Yoga, explains the benefits of Zippy Freight: “Our goal is to bring Béla drinks to the 3,000+ independent exercise, health and yoga businesses across the country. Traditional retail distribution networks are not geared to serve this fragmented segment. If we used typical eCommerce platforms like Amazon or Shopify the freight costs for shipping large orders was a giant hurdle -- nearly 50 percent of the sale price. That simply had to be overcome in order for us to make this work. “

“Inxeption’s all-in-one pricing model not only allows us to target these independent customers, but also helps us manage multiple channels on one platform. Plus, we can easily arrange drop-shipments outside the standard 9-6 business hours.” Agarwal adds, “Inxeption’s storefront also gives us great marketing flexibility, from managing SEO/SEM all the way to custom promotional codes for influencers and wholesalers. The blockchain product record means that as we introduce new blends, flavors and packaging options, it will be easy to track product down to the very specific level – from ingredients to shipments – rather than relying on distributors to know exactly what product each customer has.”

Zippy Freight is Inxeption’s latest I-commerce enhancement B2B companies in markets as diverse as spa supplies, computer cables, and boilers, are feeling pressure go online. But other B2B e-commerce solutions may require costly customization. Instead, Inxeption I-commerce fuses a storefront with easy-to-use logistics, financing, and marketing capabilities, giving small and mid-sized commercial product and service businesses a single platform for showcasing products, taking custom orders, arranging financing, and managing shipping and returns.

With today’s news, Zippy Freight provides the following benefits for merchants:

  • Reduces the cost of freight shipping due to simplified pricing with no freight surcharges for distance
  • Eliminates surprise freight charges at month end
  • Streamlines shipping and gives businesses the option of parcel or freight shipping
  • Simplifies order fulfillment by providing shipping and tracking integrated with the Inxeption product and order details. Order fulfillment is now as easy as a single click.

About Inxeption Inxeption is the first industrial commerce (I-commerce) platform that connects industrial buyers and sellers online. Inxeption uses blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure and reliable transactions. Founder Farzad Dibachi has been recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as one of the visionary “Pros to Know.” The Inxeption industrial store can be found on the web at

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