Inxeption Offers Financial Assistance to Customers Facing COVID-19 Challenges


Inxeption, the pioneer of Industrial e-Commerce, announced today that it will be offering its customers, known as Inxeption Commerce Partners, two specific financing programs to help provide near-term operational support for those negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Factoring: Subject to certain conditions, Inxeption will purchase up to $100K in receivables from customers for a low factoring fee, so that customers can meet near-term payrolls and other operational needs. This program is available immediately.

Trade Financing: Secondly, subject to certain conditions, Inxeption is offering up to $100K in trade financing to Commerce Partners so that they can extend payment terms to their customers. In other words, Inxeption will offer low-interest business loans that allow Commerce Partners to offer their customers extended payment terms of 30, 60, or 90 days.

“We want to acknowledge the determination and resilience of our Commerce Partners nationwide. They are working hard to follow appropriate public health guidelines but still stay in business, retain employees, and serve their customers during this difficult disruption,” says Inxeption co-founder and CEO Farzad Dibachi. “We have actually experienced a surge in activity on our online platform, but the economic impact of COVID-19 varies dramatically by industry sector. That’s why we have decided to support all of our customers grappling with this crisis.”

Inxeption is an online software platform that enables companies to market and sell online, manage their businesses, and enjoy integrated access to critical services like flat-rate shipping and shipping insurance. The company has experienced steady growth in the volume of transactions on its platform in recent weeks; many of its Commerce Partners have shifted even more of their business to online selling and direct-to-customer shipping.

For example, Inxeption customers making fitness and recreation products like CROSSNET, which makes a four square volleyball game, are finding this to be a time when families looking to keep their children and teens active and fit during quarantine are ordering their product. Because Inxeption can provide CROSSNET with excellent shipping options priced at a flat rate, this, in turn, allows CROSSNET to price its products appropriately to offer free shipping and/or special deals. “We started shipping with Inxeption in January, and we’ve grown over 800%,” says Gregory Meade, CEO of Crossnet. “Inxeption has been incredible for our growth and super easy to use.”

In other sectors, however, dramatic decreases in demand have created short-term revenue challenges. Inxeption wants to put capital back in circulation to help negatively impacted Commerce Partners remain operational and retain employees.

Inxeption has established a special financial team led by Director of Customer Success Laura Wise to handle inquiries and process applications for these programs. Call 888-852-4783 or email moc.noitpexni@selas‎ for more information.

For more information in general on how Inxeption helps customers Do Business Better, contact Don Kianian at moc.noitpexni@nainaiK.noD

About Inxeption: Inxeption is the pioneer of Industrial e-Commerce. Its secure and scalable platform brings the ease of consumer e-commerce to business. From one digital dashboard, companies of any size in any industry can drive more sales, better manage their supply chain, and realize cost savings. At Inxeption, our invitation to companies of any size is: Let's Do Business Better.

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