Inxeption Now the Most Advanced Industrial Commerce Platform with Release 8.0


Inxeption Corporation cemented its position as the leading Industrial Commerce platform this week with the announcement of a new product release that offers its customers unmatched shopping cart capabilities and other powerful enhancements.

Most notably, Inxeption customers can now execute a contract from within the platform's shopping cart. That means businesses can significantly reduce transaction friction in executing professional services agreements and other contracts. "Whether a company is a multi-billion global enterprise, a medium-sized business or even a start-up, Inxeption is committed to meeting and exceeding our Commerce Partners' expectations," says Farzad Dibachi, co-founder and CEO of Inxeption.

For example, a company that manufactures and sells industrial equipment may also offer installation or a maintenance service in conjunction with that product; now a buyer can negotiate and sign a contract for those services in the same shopping cart they use to purchase the equipment. Adds Dibachi: "Every new product enhancement is aimed at increasing the array and value of services offered on our platform, from shipping to insurance to finance."

With release 8.0 the company also has added a new trusted and value-priced shipping option by offering both FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping options. This reinforces Inxeption's commitment to offering its Commerce Partners multiple service providers to best suit their needs. "The speed of business today means our customers often need the flexibility of choosing between multiple service providers for multiple services," says Dibachi.

Other enhancements include a streamlined set-up process to help Inxeption Commerce Partners onboard faster and build a comprehensive product catalog. Inxeption has also redesigned its invoices to make them clearer and easier to read.

About Inxeption:

Inxeption is the pioneer of I-commerce. Its secure and scalable platform brings the ease of consumer e-commerce to business. From one digital dashboard, companies of any size in any industry can drive more sales, better manage their supply chain, and realize cost savings. Built on blockchain, it's simply transformative.

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