Inxeption Extends Support for Industry Leading Cloud IT Infrastructures


Inxeption Corporation, the first industrial commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers online, has added support of Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure cloud IT infrastructures to its ongoing support of Amazon Web Services. Users of Inxeption’s blockchain-based I-commerce platform can now select which cloud environment in which they would like the platform to run, giving companies the flexibility to deploy software in a manner that best suits their business needs.

Google, AWS, and Azure, represent more than half of the total market share for cloud infrastructure spending worldwide. Companies of all sizes and industries rely on these three providers to support their business processes in the cloud. Inxeption’s broadened support for these cloud ecosystems gives organizations added flexibility to select where their data and computing will reside.

“Our approach to developing the Inxeption platform has always been about empowering all types of organizations to drive business growth,” remarks Mark Moore, COO and co-founder for Inxeption. “The added support for these cloud ecosystems gives more organizations the flexibility they need to deploy the software efficiently with their choice cloud provider.”

“The platform is built on blockchain technology, making it a more secure and scalable solution for industrial strength commerce and allowing for cross-cloud coordination” Moore continues. “With this newfound cloud ubiquity, almost any company operating in the cloud can leverage the innovative order and payment features of Inxeption’s platform.”

The integrated, distributed blockchain technology that underpins Inxeption’s platform enables organizations operating on multiple cloud environments to leverage these services across their entire infrastructure, with a load-balanced approach to ensure uptime and reliability. Companies have the flexibility to choose which cloud environment they prefer, with the ability to easily switch if necessary.

Inxeption is actively developing and has plans to broaden its cloud infrastructure support to also include other cloud providers to ensure companies of all types are able to leverage Inxeption’s innovative industrial commerce platform. For large enterprises, Inxeption can deploy a custom-scoped and configured on-premises deployment. And because of the underlying blockchain architecture, the on-premises instance will benefit from all the connectivity of the cloud version.

About Inxeption:

Inxeption is the first industrial commerce (I-commerce) platform that connects business buyers and sellers online. Inxeption uses blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure and reliable transactions, unlock exciting new sales channels, and enhance collaboration. Founder Farzad Dibachi has been recognized by Red Herring as a 2019 North America Top 100 Winner and by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as one of the visionary “Pros to Know.” The Inxeption industrial store can be found at

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