Inxeption Capital will Provide Strategic Funding for Customers


Inxeption, the pioneer of Industrial commerce, today announced that its financial services arm, Inxeption Capital, has launched a merchant cash advance program that provides its customers with quick access to funds to use for business growth.

“In the past, securing capital has been a lengthy and frustrating process," said Swaroop Rai, Inxeption’s President of Financial Services. "We want to quickly and easily deliver the liquidity our merchants need to grow their business at a low cost and on flexible terms."

Inxeption’s new merchant cash advance program combines the company’s unique understanding of its ecommerce and logistics partners’ products, businesses, and transactional behavior to customize highly competitive merchant financing offers. Funds are accessible in less than a week and can be used for expanding operations, purchasing equipment, growing inventory, or other business purposes.

For one Atlanta-based Inxeption customer, the timing was perfect: “With people staying home more, we’re finding sales of our spa chemicals and accessories have actually increased dramatically. That’s created an opportunity to use the merchant cash advance from Inxeption Capital to double our usual order levels, carry more inventory, and avoid delays in serving our customers," said Adam Burke, President of Atlanta Spa & Leisure. "We’ve been Inxeption customers for three years, using them first for our commerce platform and then for our shipping, and this was such an easy way to invest in expanding our business when the opportunity came along."

Merchant cash advances are available to active commerce partners on Inxeption’s digital commerce platform who are currently using it either for online selling, or streamlined ecommerce logistics, or both. As an advance on a merchant’s future revenue, the advance is easily repaid weekly as a percentage of platform revenue. The company plans to roll out additional financial services, including short-term financing solutions with flexible payment terms and affordable fees, later in Q1.

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About Inxeption: Inxeption is the pioneer of Industrial commerce ("I-commerce"). Its secure and scalable cloud-based digital commerce platform brings the ease of consumer e-commerce to B2B. From one digital dashboard, companies of any size in any industry can drive more sales, gain operational visibility, and realize cost savings. Its integrated service offerings include merchant cash advances and other financial services, flat-rate logistics with shipping protection, web design, and strategic marketing. Inxeption's invitation to companies of any size is: Let's Do Business Better.

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