Inxeption Announces Seven-step ‘Bridge’ Program to Help Enterprise Customers Digitally Transform and Drive I-commerce Revenues


Inxeption Corp. announces its new Bridge methodology--seven straightforward steps that take as little as seven days for any sized company to add new Industrial Commerce capabilities with creative—and infinite--possibilities.

“Regardless of industry, companies are facing competitive pressures that mean they must expand their online commerce presence today. But especially for enterprise companies, that transformation can feel daunting,” observes Mark Moore, COO and co-founder of Inxeption. “With Bridge, our customers can take incremental steps that demonstrate immediate and obvious value and even add topline revenue. From there, the sky’s the limit.”

Inxeption offers a fully-integrated I-commerce platform. From a central dashboard that can display every relevant category of data about a company’s products, from material specifications, to inventory management, to logistics support to an online shopping cart where commerce partners can order directly, to customer feedback, Inxeption users gain new capabilities and forge better, closer relationships with customers.

The Bridge methodology means customers can immediately benefit from I-commerce without a radical systems overhaul. Bridge is designed to help a company identify the Inxeption opportunity that is most attractive. Most commerce partners are up and running in a week--sometimes in as few as 24 hours. Our customers may initially focus on:

  • an industrial commerce pilot run with products or a product line whose growth has slowed or that is feeling pressure from online marketplaces; Inxeption’s integration with search-based marketing delivers new customers
  • an integrated logistics platform to help with easier and more economical shipping options; Inxeption’s Zippy lets Inxeption customers offer their customers easy and cheap UPS shipping;
  • an easy way to test A/B online marketing campaigns using Inxeption’s rich data analytics capacity.

A $350 million online furniture company based in Georgia has complex shipping needs because its product orders can range in size from a single folding chair to a home, to 1000 folding chairs that need to be shipped to an event center. The company went live with Inxeption Shipping for a single warehouse pilot run within 24 hours of signing up; now it is using Inxeption logistics more broadly across multiple channels and warehouses. “It’s challenging to provide a consistent price to the end user with variable shipping,” explains the company's chief technology officer.

For the products currently linked to Inxeption’s flat rate shipping platform the feature “has simplified shipping and saved money,” he adds.

Raul Klein, CEO of Disruptive Solid State Lighting, a Henderson, Nevada LED lighting manufacturer, says Inxeption’s shipping platform is helping him save costs and improve customer service. He’s excited to add other Inxeption platform features down the road: “What I see in front of me is a toolset laid out that will be part of our evolution,” he explains. “I don’t have to go out and look for supply chain software, logistics software, inventory software. I feel like I’ve got the future at my fingertips.” Klein also runs a CBD start-up that was built from scratch on the Inxeption platform, and he’s discovered that one of its important insights for him is getting analytic tools to track customer visits and clicks in real time to evaluate social media posts and other marketing promotions.

“Our platform literally builds new bridges between companies and their customers,” says Mark Moore, COO and co-founder of Inxeption.

About Inxeption Inxeption is the first industrial commerce (I-commerce) platform that connects business buyers and sellers online. Inxeption uses blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure and reliable transactions, unlock exciting new sales channels, and enhance collaboration. Founder Farzad Dibachi has been recognized by Red Herring as a 2019 North America Top 100 Winner and by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as one of the visionary “Pros to Know.” The Inxeption industrial store can be found at

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