Crossing the Bridge into I-commerce

Inxeption’s Bridge methodology lets companies feel the power of an industrial commerce solution without the headache that normally accompanies technology platform implementations. Seven simple steps can get you up and running in a day or less. We covered how you can decide which product or product line to pilot test in a previous post here, now let’s take a look at what to do once you’ve decided on which products to test out.

Step 2: Pick a look and feel

If you have an existing e-commerce web site, you can power it with Inxeption’s plug-ins to keep your current branding, or you can use our industry leading templates to design a new site from scratch and customize its look and feel to reflect your brand. You get exactly the design you want -- all of our customers’ web sites are unique and span a broad array of product categories.

Entrepreneur Raul Klein launched a CBD oil business ( on Inxeption’s platform. He worked with templates we provide to load his oils, creams, and distillates onto an online store and he uses all the elements of an I-commerce site, including an online shopping cart, customer service support through chat and email features, and a data analytics dashboard. For example, Raul promoted the benefits of CBD oil through social media posts on Facebook to boost his brand presence and promote his thought leadership position. When he became busy with another project and reduced his posting frequency, he took a look at the analytics in Inxeption and realized how important those posts were to driving sales.

Step 3: Load your products

Many companies have an array of different systems to manage supply chain, inventory, accounting, ordering, finance, and logistics. With Inxeption, all those elements are integrated and centralized. Load all the relevant details of products into our Product Ledger — a simple, easy process that takes mere minutes. Now you have a platform that can add an unlimited number of products whenever you are ready. It can be easily and quickly updated when you change prices or product descriptions. The Product Ledger manages your products for all of your channels in a single location so that all changes cascade across wherever you are promoting your products.

An increasingly important element of certain products involves a company’s ability to prove the provenance and certify the inspection path of certain products. There has been considerable concern about the widespread counterfeiting of parts and ingredients that are sold through online commerce, and business buyers are demanding more accountability. Certified organic foods and ingredients, cruelty-free cosmetics, ethically sourced gemstones, timber harvested sustainability, quality inspected materials and machines, all of these kinds of categories can involve difficult supply-chain challenges of verification. Inxeption’s Product Ledgers, built on blockchain, mean a product’s entire journey through a supply chain is verified securely and available for review.

Step 4: Meet your new customers

Inxeption’s superpower is the powerful marketing and search tools to drive customers searching for these specific products directly to your website, where they can review specifications, ask questions, place orders, specify shipping, utilize purchase orders, and enjoy other features customers need. In a few clicks, you have a new channel where customers are searching for your solutions and arriving on your doorstep ready to buy.

Not only does the platform help customers figure out how to best leverage Adword buys and other search tools, it also allows companies to run A/B test campaigns in existing channels, as well as on social media. It tracks how buyers are arriving at the site, where they are clicking, and what they are buying.

In Utah, EdgeBan, a building material company for the flooring industry, built its entire online presence using the Inxeption platform. The company is finding its newfound ability to both lower shipping costs and view customer journeys from social media sites like Pinterest through native analytics dashboards is a significant business advantage. “Freight costs can break a deal, but we’re saving a lot of money in shipping,” says founder Mike Mattazino. “And new doors are opening. We have some of our distributors interested in getting on the Inxeption platform as well.”

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