Inxeption Zippy FAQ

Q. What’s the difference between shipping . . . and Zippy Shipping?

A. We know shipping can be a minefield of hidden fees, complicated rules and restrictions, and mix-ups. Inxeption Zippy Shipping changes the game. Powered by UPS and secured by blockchain technology, Zippy integrates shipping and logistics with simplified pricing. Welcome to no more add-on shipping costs, fewer mix-ups, superior security, and happier customers.

Q. What are some of the main benefits of Inxeption Zippy?

A. Because it’s fully integrated into the e-commerce platform and ordering process, Inxeption Zippy means your customers will enjoy:

  • Simplified pricing. The price displayed is the price they pay--no hidden costs.
  • A simple screen to manage the picking, packing and shipping of products of any size and quantity
  • Fast, flexible, traceable, transparent delivery to single or multiple locations
  • Easy order return and replacements

Q. What types of shipping does Zippy support?

A. Parcel, freight, and international - with expedited options.

Q. How will it change my workflow?

A. Zippy Shipping is integrated into Inxeption’s industrial e-commerce platform. That platform will not only seamlessly handle orders from existing customers, but its marketing features will drive new customers to your product pages. When they order, Zippy Shipping prints UPS shipping labels and lets you manage and track shipments and returns easily.

Q. I want Zippy Shipping! What do I do next?

A. It’s really this easy:

  • Sign up for Inxeption’s optimized I-commerce platform. You can either create an optimized new site or link to your existing e-commerce site.
  • Sign up for Zippy and upload your products
  • Receive and review new orders in the platform
  • Create and print UPS shipping labels in the app
  • Manage and track shipments and handle returns easily

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