Inxeption Financial Services FAQ

Q. I’m new to e-commerce. Can you help me think beyond technology and make sure I leverage the business opportunities of going online?

A. Absolutely. The key to success in the era of I-commerce is not just setting up a storefront and shopping cart platform, but looking at your business holistically, solving problems you’re experiencing today, and finding growth and success in new ways of marketing and collaborating. It’s one reason we have a “Growth Hacking” team, consultants who will talk to you about your unique issues and opportunities.

Q. I’ve had an online presence, but I am getting squeezed on margins by large marketplaces. Can you help me identify risks and potential efficiencies?

That’s what is exciting about the new tools on our I-commerce platform. Our team can help you figure out how to attack costs and inefficiencies while also creating exciting new opportunities. For example, shipping high-value products can lead to significant expenses if the products are damaged in transit. With Inxeption, we can leverage our relationship with UPS to automatically apply shipping insurance to certain product classes.

Meanwhile, our Growth Hacking team can help you position yourself as a vibrant and valuable partner in a marketplace that you and partner companies with complementary services will manage and control. Never before have companies been able to offer the security Inxeption’s blockchain foundation can offer--security that can allow you to share information with partners in a controlled and strategic way, without handing over customer data.

Q. What risk management services does Inxeption offer?

A. When you make a large or expensive purchase, you want to be sure that that purchase is insured so you don’t lose money if something happens to it. You want the same thing for your logistics. We offer risk management insurance options for our logistics offerings, so you know that whether you are shipping parcel or freight that you don’t have to worry about the transaction being secure - in addition to our already secure blockchain technology, we offer insurance to give you piece of mind that you will get paid, or get the product you paid for, when and it’s expected.

Q. Is Inxeption's logistics insurance tied to UPS’s shipping insurance?

A. No, our insurance is offered by Inxeption, and has no relationship to UPS shipping insurance.

Q. How does blockchain play a role in risk management?

A. Blockchain technology stores every interaction with the product in an immutable record that is trustworthy and unchangeable. This means that you have a complete and accurate record of every interaction with your product, so you can prevent any errors in the supply chain product by having a transparent window into every touchpoint.

Q. What consulting services does Inxeption offer?

A. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, Inxeption offers consulting alongside our services, to help give you a tailored approach to how you can use Inxeption’s offerings to best serve your business and have the most success possible. We offer the Inxeption Bridge methodology to specifically help enterprise businesses get up and running easily and quickly to grow top line revenue.

Q. What is growth hacking?

A. Inxeption offers growth hacking services to help you with marketing initiatives that will help you grow traffic and sales. Our growth hacking specialists will work with you to curate digital marketing campaigns that you can track using the marketing dashboards in the Inxeption platform.

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