Inxeption Cart FAQ

Q. What is Inxeption Cart?

A. Inxeption Cart is Inxeption's robust transaction engine, geared specifically towards handling the complexities of business transactions for companies of all sizes.

Q. How does Inxeption let me communicate directly with my customer in the transaction process?

A. The Inxeption platform is built on blockchain technology, which allows you as a merchant to have a direct line to your customers through live-time chat in the Inxeption Cart and Product Ledger.

Q. What kinds of payment methods does the Inxeption Cart support?

A. The Inxeption Cart supports credit card processing of course, but also supports traditionally offline or b2b-utilized transaction methods, including Purchase Orders and Financing. Now you can also use tokens to pay for goods and services on the platform.

Q. Is Inxeption Cart integrated when I set up my e-commerce site? Do I need to buy or add it separately onto my plan?

A. When you get started with Inxeption, you get access to our one-stop-shop for e-commerce, logistics and supply chain, and analytics. This includes the Inxeption Cart, so you can start selling right away.

Q. Does the Inxeption Cart handle PO processing?

A. Yes.

Q. Where can I see my data within the Inxeption platform?

A. Inxeption's integrated and easy-to-read analytics dashboards that give you the best understanding of your customer. See where customers are dropping off in the sales funnel and communicate directly to address pain points and transact innovatively.

Q. Do I need to understand blockchain to use the Inxeption Cart?

A. No. Blockchain is the technology base that allows your business to sell effectively and securely through multiple channels on the Inxeption platform, and to be able to communicate with customers and in live time.

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