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Q. I was finally warming up to the idea of e-commerce, and now you tell me I need I-commerce! What’s the difference? Why do I need it?

A. E-commerce evolved to sell relatively simple products like books, electronics and dog food to consumers. Companies put their product catalog online or in a marketplace, then consumers search, find, compare, click . . . and it shows up the next day.

I-commerce is the future of commerce for manufacturers and distributors that sell often complex and configurable industrial products and services to other businesses. It’s traditionally been called B2B, and involves a variety of market segments that run the gamut from construction equipment to commercial grade boilers or janitorial supplies. These companies need the easy search and streamlined transactions common in e-commerce, but the platform also needs to accommodate more communication between buyer and seller, integrate and streamline more complex logistics, and in some cases secure specialized data elements like the verifiable provenance of goods.

In the past, these more complicated elements have been managed by distributors and other middlemen. But on the Inxeption platform, the incredible security and verification capabilities of blockchain allow companies to efficiently develop a more direct and productive relationship with customers.

Q. What kind of companies benefit from I-commerce?

A. To name a few...

  • Businesses that want to easily set up an online channel to drive e-commerce sales
  • Businesses that want to streamline their logistics with an integrated solution that handles every aspect of their relationship with existing customers. In other words, they want to make a B2B transaction as easy as a one-click purchase of tennis balls or a new garden hose, complete with free shipping.
  • Existing e-commerce players who want to grow their businesses and find new markets, as well as collaborate in new and secure ways with other companies. By allowing them to manage proprietary data and customer information securely, Inxeption’s integrated blockchain technology is a game-changer.
  • Companies where the history and provenance of materials, ingredients or manufacturing is a crucial value component. In products like medical supplies or ethically sourced clothing, inxeption’s I-commerce platform helps companies prove that their supply chains comply with quality and regulatory standards.

In short, whatever size or whatever stage a company finds itself in its digital transformation to the era of I-commerce, Inxeption can help.

Q. Is Inxeption like other e-commerce platforms?

A. It’s different in key ways. Other e-commerce platforms don’t cater towards the complexities surrounding B2B merchant needs. For example, Inxeption’s digitized Product Ledger enables traditional brick and mortar businesses to bring their products online easily and sell orphaned or hard-to-sell products, supplying detailed documentation and phone, chat, or email support.

Meanwhile, for high volume transactions, the Inxeption Cart is a sophisticated shopping cart that includes options for purchase orders, financing (soon to come), and other capabilities, and analytics and marketing dashboards, which allow a merchant to monitor their sales easily and understand how their customer buy and how to better serve them.

Inxeption is also built on trusted blockchain technology, so merchants own their customer data and do not have to worry about their data being infiltrated or used against them in the future, as is the case on other marketplace platforms.

Q. I already have an e-commerce presence, should I switch to Inxeption?

A. I-commerce is for every size and stage of business undergoing a digital transformation. Existing online companies who join the platform can manage their existing e-commerce presence with the help of the backend Inxeption platform. They’ll get access to new features such as managing orders, deliveries, payments, product specifications in an immutable record via a single console. Customers will now have a platform that can evolve while retaining all customer data and business information in a secure blockchain technology.

Q. I am a smaller merchant - does Inxeption make sense for me?

A. For smaller merchants that lack the technical, digital and financial resources to develop their online capabilities, Inxeption offers a “one-stop” shop. That means everything a small business needs to begin selling online without the complexities of building an e-commerce presence from scratch. Inxeption makes it easy to get online and monitor sales, as well as streamline shipping and logistics in an efficient manner. Our Customer Lifecycle Team can help small merchants become big merchants with effective marketing strategies!

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