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What is Inxeption? Inxeption is the world's first industrial-commerce or I-commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers online. Inxeption provides a single, visual and intelligent platform to promote, sell and manage your products and services online.

I sell to other businesses, not consumers, so I never thought it made sense to sell through a website. Why I should I go online? And Why is Inxeption my best option?

Inxeption offers a simple, integrated commerce platform that not only includes a robust sales cart, the Inxeption Cart, but it can send customers who search for your product category directly to your site, manage your shipping costs at significant savings, and give you a window into all aspects of your company’s operations in a highly secure platform. That security is provided by sophisticated blockchain technology.

With Inxeption you can expand your channels and reach a global audience. And you continue to own your customers and can forge even closer relationships.

I have a website, although it needs updating. Can Inxeption work with what I have? Yes. The Inxeption platform can integrate easily with your existing e-commerce presence. Immediately take advantage of our analytic tools and get better windows into you operation through our dashboards.

Inxeption is a complete commerce platform. It’s a multiple or “omni-channel” solution that actually creates new online distribution channels to add to your current customer base. Plus, it integrates logistics support, customer service, inventory management, and many other elements of your business. So no matter what type of existing ecommerce or offline presence you may have, Inxeption can help your business scale.

I sell through salespeople and distributors today. How can I sell online but also support my current distribution relationships?

You can keep your current channel and add to it. Inxeption’s platform can actually drive more leads to your salespeople and/or partners by raising your company’s profile online. Inxeption can help you create custom, channel-specific programs so you don’t disturb existing channels.

However, Inxeption is an engine for digital transformation. You’ll find that it offers a way to help your business become more efficient as an organization, develop new customers, and grow top line revenue.

What if I don’t have a CIO or an internal IT team. Do I need a dedicated Inxeption manager? What resources do I need internally?

You do not have to add personnel to benefit from the Inxeption platform. It is cloud-based and does not require any new equipment or infrastructure at your company. While we work with major enterprise customers, no business is too small to gain the Inxeption advantage. No matter the size of your business or the number of employees, the platform is scalable and grows with you.

What internal employees should be involved with Inxeption? How much training will they require? The person who manages your marketing efforts today can implement the Inxeption platform. There is very little training required. In fact, you can go live with Inxeption in less than one day. Inxeption will assign its Customer Lifecycle Management Team to help you put programs in place to drive revenue growth with search-based programs; we also will work with your existing team to run customized campaigns on the platform.

What do I need to know about blockchain?

What blockchain does for Inxeption customers is provide the software foundation of what we call an “industrial-strength” platform that is orders of magnitude more secure and verifiable than alternatives. It ensures that there is an immutable ledger of every single transaction on the platform, and it provides verified access and sharing of data. That’s what’s under the hood. What you get as our customer is incredible data security, but also the ability to share access to data with confidence when it’s advantageous to partner with other companies--or your own customers.

How does Inxeption help me sell directly to my end customer?

With Inxeption, we remove barriers for you to communicate in our Product Ledger and Inxeption Cart, so you can forge a better, deeper relationships with customers for mutual benefit. In fact, we offer a chat function so you can speak directly to your customers in real time, whether the issue is a missing order or a question about whether you can make a design change that would add significant value to a product.

How do I get visitors to my website? Does Inxeption support marketing and advertising?

Inxeption offers powerful marketing and advertising support from within the application itself. The Inxeption “growth hacking” team will work with you to create online ads for your business and make sure they are seen by customers searching for your brand, for your product category, and for insights into the market segments in which your products compete. What’s more, in our dashboards you can easily track how often and where your ads are appearing, and you can analyze how successful they are at attracting customers to your platform and converting customer clicks to sales.

This all sounds great, but I sell made-to-order products. My customers need support to make sure we make and deliver exactly what they want.

This is one of the most exciting capabilities of the Inxeption platform: because you can communicate directly with customers in a secure environment, you can develop a much richer relationship. Your customer shares their needs and you can offer real-time feedback and design support. Your relationship is organized around the products they’ve ordered in the past and you can work together to tweak designs or come up with entirely new solutions.

This kind of communication is not just about the products you’re already manufacturing, it’s also about innovation, getting to know your customer’s issues and figuring out how to solve their problems in new ways going forward. This is the secure sharing of information that blockchain enables and that has so much potential for businesses of every kind and size.

What logistics support does Inxeption offer?

Inxeption Zippy is an integrated logistics solution so you can manage, track, and ship orders easily. Zippy also gives businesses a huge cost-saving tool: with Zippy you can calculate a product’s true costs and revenue because your shipping cost is included in bundled, upfront platform pricing and there are no backcharges. Many of our customers tell us when they use other e-commerce platforms, policies and delayed costs associated with returns are prohibitively expensive; Zippy helps you solve shipping cost confusion while improving service.

How can I measure the success of my business with the Inxeption platform?

With Inxeption, you will get a single window into your entire business -- the Inxeption dashboard. From a central screen not only can you get a snapshot of orders, customer communications, internal production and inventory, but there are analytic measurements that update in real time, such traffic to your site, the top search keywords driving that traffic, a live map of current visitors and their locations, how much time they are spending on a page, and a sales funnel to show you where prospective customers are dropping off in the sales process.

Utilizing these analytics and dashboards, you can measure and optimize success by making necessary changes to how you sell to your customer online.

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