Webinar Recap: 5 Ways Digital Commerce is Changing B2B Business

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Top Takeaways: 5 Ways Digital Commerce is Changing B2B Business

B2B commerce is at a tipping point. Rapidly evolving digital capabilities have permanently altered consumer expectations in both the B2C and B2B sectors.

As a result, innovative ecommerce technologies are beginning to replace traditional sales processes and transform the B2B landscape.

To help you understand why B2B business is changing and how to adapt to a digital-first world, here are the top 5 takeaways from Inxeption’s latest webinar, Bring Order and Speed to Your Order Process, featuring Inxeption’s Jennifer Roberts, SVP Marketing, and Dugan Baker, VP Strategic Accounts:

1. Digital sales channels are cost-effective and easy to implement.

“We’re about to see a huge shift of older, more established businesses that want to move into the digital space very quickly, as well as a lot of younger, smaller businesses that are ready to take the next step.”

For years, small and medium-sized B2B businesses have struggled to compete with large capital-infused enterprises. But digital commerce is leveling the playing field.

Unlike starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business—which requires high upfront costs and years of planning—launching a digital sales channel is economically accessible and advantageous to businesses of all sizes.

Plus, online sales channels are easy to implement. Digital order entry portals, like Inxeption EasyOrder, can be integrated and deployed within a few days.

2. Ecommerce makes doing business faster and easier.

“Regardless of size, the most successful companies have one thing in common: a relentless focus on what their customers need. You simply must be easy to do business with.”

B2B buyer expectations have changed. Increasingly, B2B consumers rely on digital channels to facilitate a seamless purchasing experience, and they are quick to choose suppliers with strong digital capabilities that anticipate their needs.

This year, “increasing efficiency” and “easy repeat ordering” are top priorities for B2B buyers. Digitizing your order process is an easy way to check both boxes.

Using a digital order entry portal, like Inxeption EasyOrder, means you can:

  • Expand your reach. Unlike old school newspaper and radio advertisements, the internet never quits. Digital marketing efforts can work in your favor around the clock.
  • Accept orders 24/7. Best of all—you don’t have to pick up the phone, respond to an email, or even be awake.
  • Expedite the ordering process. Inxeption EasyOrder securely stores your customer’s order data, making it quick and easy for customers to repeat purchases.
  • Get paid faster. Digital sales channels allow you to process multiple payment methods, so you can get paid on time, every time.

Want to try before you buy? Sign up for your risk-free 30-day trial of EasyOrder here.

3. Digital automation powers cost-saving efficiencies across every industry.

“Going digital means you can reduce errors and streamline everything—making it so much more efficient for both you and your customers.”

Digital commerce allows you to reduce the number of touchpoints throughout the entire order process, which dramatically increases efficiency and decreases human error.

So what does this look like in the real world?

Before joining Inxeption, Dugan Baker (VP of Strategic Accounts) spent 21 years implementing digital processes at Nike. During that time, his team compared the speed of ordering a product through Nike’s B2B digital platform versus through Nike’s traditional, manual process.

To do this, one customer placed an order for the same product using both Nike’s digital platform and Nike’s traditional order process.

Although both orders were submitted at the same time, the order placed through the digital platform arrived at the customer's facility more than a week faster than the order placed manually.

“When you look at the shift that's happened both socially and economically over the last few months, there's a heavy move to support small and medium-sized businesses. That's going to fuel innovation, not just in the digital space, but across products altogether over the next few years.”

4. Digital transformation means data integrity.

“Digitizing your whole order process is beneficial for both B2B manufacturers and B2B consumers. Having a secure, comprehensive system of record means you can reduce errors along the way.”

One of the hidden benefits of digital commerce is real-time visibility into valuable data, like inventory volume, order volume, order frequency, sales revenue, online traffic sources, and more.

B2B businesses can leverage this comprehensive data to analyze the effectiveness of existing processes and implement operational improvements.

This data is also useful on a micro-level. For example, by securely storing each customer’s order data, Inxeption EasyOrder helps B2B suppliers anticipate their buyers’ needs with greater accuracy.

Want to see how it works? Start your risk-free EasyOrder trial today and enjoy 10 free shipments as a welcome bonus.

5. Digital commerce increases overall profitability.

“Profitability isn't just about reducing the cost of goods or charging more for a product—it's about looking at everything that has to happen when you move or ship a product. If a price or unit of measure is wrong in any one source system, it can have a massive effect downstream on your profitability.”

Protecting your bottom line and increasing overall profitability isn’t just about reducing expenditures, increasing sales or maintaining healthy working capital.

Business profitability also depends on several operational factors, including:

  • Data integrity: Do you have enough inventory to fill an order?
  • Labor: How many people does it take to process an order?
  • Time: How long does your order process take—from initial sale to final delivery?
  • Automation: Can you increase operational efficiency by reducing manual processes?
  • Invoicing: Do you have the correct payment information on file so you can charge your customers at the point of sale?

Digital commerce addresses all of these considerations—making it easy to tackle operational efficiency and profitability simultaneously.

With Inxeption, launching a digital order entry portal is fast + easy (and free for 30 days).

“Typically, only much larger organizations enjoy digital advantages. Inxeption was founded to give digital power to companies and businesses of all sizes.”

It’s not too late to transform your manual processes into digital ones—and it’s easier than you may think.

Whether you’re an established B2B entity or a brand new business, Inxeption is uniquely positioned to help you navigate this shift and power digital transformation.

Not only do we make digitizing your order process simple, we also provide integrated logistics, digital marketing, and financial services which you can easily access from one digital dashboard.

If you sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial of Inxeption EasyOrder, you get 10 free shipments.

Plus, EasyOrder enables you to:

Conveniently add and manage products using Inxeption’s digital Ledger.
Create unique pricing for every buyer, which is secure and password-protected.
Streamline repeat purchases.
Process multiple payment methods (and get paid faster).
Keep your exclusive pricing concealed from B2C buyers.

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