Unpacking I-Commerce: Beware the big gators’ sly smiles

In theory, if you’re a product maker, what’s not to love about a big online marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba or eBay? They are magnets for shoppers. By becoming a merchant partner, your company can access searching buyers primed to buy.

Unfortunately, as one of our customers who stopped selling with Amazon likes to say, it’s like accepting a ride across a river from an alligator.

At first the alligator is all smiles and it’s exciting to see your product appear in a search result. But halfway into the journey, the fun often stops. The high fees and expensive return policies begin to take a heavy toll on your profits. Most frustrating, if you have sales success, you may notice a seemingly identical product being sold for 10-20% below your price suddenly appearing in your category—sold by the marketplace owner. And if that product turns out to be shoddy or performs poorly, it can sour online buyers on yours as well—and the category YOU helped build.

It’s time for a new kind of marketplace designed with a full suite of B2B capabilities, and I’m proud to say my company, Inxeption, is making it happen. We are developing marketplaces with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of current options. We’re not an alligator, we’re your river guide and advocate.

The Inxeption Marketplace will emphasize easy purchasing for buyers, like the alligators do today. But we’ll function as a distribution channel that takes a standard distributor’s fee. No crazy platform fees, no creating conflict with existing channels.

Second, we will not compete with our partners. No white labelling and price undercutting if your product is selling well. No packing the category with cheaper look-alikes to make a quick sale off the work you’ve done to establish your brand.

Finally, we assume the cost and the strategy of driving traffic to your marketplace. Our experts know how to navigate the technical and expensive world of Adwords and digital campaigns.

Stay tuned for more details as Inxeption Marketplace gets closer to launch. Meantime, visit us at Inxeption.com

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