Unpacking I-commerce: Are you ready to throttle up?

According to most experts, the U.S. economy is poised for a dramatic acceleration in capital purchases across many sectors as Americans are vaccinated and businesses of all kind reopen and rev their engines. The Economist has called current economic indicators “the greatest convergence of pro-industry forces in decades.” And if President Biden’s ambitious infrastructure goals meet even partial funding success in Congress, we could be on the verge of an amazing economic resurgence.

Optimism is back. The question for U.S. business leaders is: Are you ready? The last year has emphasized the need for flexibility. Whatever your size, to be flexible today, you must become more digital. Have you set the stage for the next phase of your company’s life?

Sitting at the red hot center of the exploding B2B digital commerce space, we at Inxeption have both experienced and accelerated remarkable successes based on digital transformation.

For years, consumers have grown used to shopping and buying online, and with travel curtailed and personal interactions downright dangerous in 2020, business buyers have made it clear: they want the same convenience and speed of shopping and buying online as well. But not surprisingly, sellers of B2B goods face challenges online: their products tend to be more complex to order, require purchase order processing and other financial terms capability, and may be challenging to ship cost-effectively.

Until recently, business sellers found themselves between extreme options.

Established B2C marketplaces are selling more and more B2B goods; these marketplace owners are marching sector by sector through industrial categories. But they are not only charging product companies high fees, in some cases they are helping partners develop categories on the platform, only to come in later and compete with their own customers with cheaper white label goods.

On the other extreme are what we at Inxeption call lemonade stand commerce platforms, which offer a very fast set-up to sell simple goods online, but lack purchase order capability and integrations with other critical services companies need to power effective online selling, from digital marketing support to predictable, all-mode logistics.

Inxeption delivers the power businesses need with a system designed from the ground up for more demanding B2B commerce needs. So, ask yourself: Are you ready to come out of the pandemic gate at top speed? Three things to think about.

1) Buyers want to shop and order online. Can you accommodate them? If you still rely on third-party distributors, are they making it easy for customers to buy your products? Our I-commerce platform is made for you. Are you finding the logistics element of direct online sales a challenge? To create competitive pricing and “free shipping” you’ve got to have predictable logistics pricing. That’s Inxeption’s wheelhouse, whether you need parcel delivery—or preferential ocean shipping or air freight support.

2) Experts say integrating financial services like buy now, pay later into an online commerce strategy can reduce selling cycles by over 90% and can boost order size substantially. With Inxeption, you get commerce sites built for business transactions, not one-off t-shirt or sneaker sales. We support B2B with integrated p/o payments, in cart contract execution, and financing terms. We even provide merchant cash advances so you can beef up inventories you have probably let thin out—or have been struggling to build up due to ocean shipping congestion and delays.

3) Finally, how good is your data? Inxeption’s integrated platform literally drives errors and delays out of your business processes. With Inxeption EasyOrder, for example, both distributors and repeat buyers can submit orders in a more reliable, accurate, and fast process that ensures all your data is more current and reliable. Automated updates let your customers know where their order stands without playing email or telephone tag. The better your data and your visibility into that data, the smarter the decisions you can make.

At Inxeption, we’re standing by to talk about how we can help you Do Business Better.

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