Pride of the PNW: How Stumptown Mattress Created the Sleep of Your Dreams

Armed with box cutters and carving knives, a Portland couple shredded thousands of dollars worth of new brand-name mattresses—just seven years after founding Oregon’s fastest-growing independent mattress store.

What drove them to destroy the very thing their family built their lives around? For Michael Hanna, it was simple:

“We did it because we knew we could make a better mattress for a better price compared to the big online mattress sellers. And we did it because we wanted to make mattresses near our hometown of Portland, Oregon.”

Stumptown Mattress in Portland, Oregon

Dreaming of a Better Sleep

After losing his job during the Great Recession in 2009, Portland resident Michael Hanna decided to open a mattress store with his wife, Mary Ruth.

Soon, their brick-and-mortar store became the most popular mattress shop in the Pacific Northwest.

For a long time, the Hannas enjoyed creating a relaxed and fun in-store shopping experience. But then an emerging industry trend caught their attention, and everything changed.

“Despite our success, we understood that many mattress shoppers wanted a bed-in-a-box delivered to their doorstep,” said Michael.

“So we decided to do a bit of research and began ordering mattresses online.”

That’s when the mattress dissections began.

“We tore those mattresses apart. They all looked really nice on the outside. But when we opened them up, we were surprised by what we found,” said Michael.

“Some were made overseas with cheaper foams. Others were made with lower-quality domestic foams. The glues had odors and didn’t really bond the foams together.”

While the cheap components of each brand-name mattress were surprising, the inflated price tags shocked Michael the most.

“The big-name online shops are making huge, unnecessary margins,” Michael said. “We determined that online shoppers were paying way too much.”

The Hannas’ wheels started turning. Something new was brewing in Portland.

Stumptown Mattress in a box Stumptown Mattress PNW

Pride of the PNW

In 2017, Stumptown Mattress debuted its online store. Undaunted by the pressures of corporate commerce, Michael and Mary Ruth founded the company on a simple promise: to deliver high-quality mattresses at affordable prices.

Unlike other “bed-in-a-box” operations, Stumptown Mattress is locally manufactured, owned, and operated.

Every team member lives and works in the PNW, and the company’s co-founders are proud Portland residents—they’ve called the city home for more than 30 years, and their kids are Portland natives.

“We feel very lucky to live in a cool town like Portland,” said Michael.

Stumptown Mattress boxes in Portland, Oregon

“From the street art, historical landmarks, shops, gardens, extinct volcanoes, and iconic doughnuts to the best coffee in the world—Portland has endless amounts of creativity. There are so many inspiring things happening here and we wanted to tap into that.”

The Hannas are also fiercely devoted to supporting local artists, nonprofits, and small businesses. Their commitment to Pacific Northwest craftsmanship is part of what sets Stumptown Mattress apart from its competitors.

“I love that Stumptown is a locally-owned company that loves to support other local businesses as well,” said Mattie Krall, a local photographer whom the Hannas hired to capture the Stumptown spirit.

“They’re a company I feel good working for and supporting.”

Another core value of Stumptown Mattress? Generosity.

The Hannas donate a portion of every mattress sale to Portland nonprofits. They even developed a scholarship fund to support college-bound high school students.

Designed by Sleep Experts for Sleep Lovers

From locally sourced production materials to recyclable Portland-made packaging, Stumptown Mattress is committed to environmental stewardship throughout its supply chain.

But prioritizing sustainability doesn’t mean skimping on quality. In the words of Michael Hanna, Stumptown Mattress “spared no expense” in the creation and production of their super durable (yet affordable) mattresses.

Each mattress was designed by a dedicated team of sleep experts, which was led by industry veteran Raymee Delaney.

“When we approached Raymee in 2017 to talk about creating a mattress-in-a-box to sell online, she jumped at the opportunity to help us design the perfect mattress,” said Michael.

Raymee Delaney, Stumptown Mattress

After procuring a variety of materials and sampling several prototypes, Raymee presented the Hannas with a mattress that felt just right—not too firm, not too soft.

“We love working with Raymee because she always listens to the needs of the customers. She shows empathy and identifies specific needs before completing the design process.”

Raymee’s diligence and customer-centric empathy have certainly paid off. Although Stumptown Mattress offers a “100 Night Sleep Guarantee,” the company has one of the lowest return rates across the entire mattress industry.

Maybe that’s because Stumptown mattresses are both comfortable and sustainable—each mattress meets the strict environmental standards of CertiPUR-US.

Stumptown's sustainability awards

Quality Sleep at an Affordable Price

Although many online retailers specialize in foam mattresses—and the Hannas have had great success with the Stumptown Original—some customers simply don’t want a foam mattress.

After observing this trend, the Stumptown Team joined up with a coil manufacturer in Sumner, Washington to dream up a better night’s sleep. That’s how the Stumptown Hybrid was born.

Stumptown Hybrid mattress

Stumptown’s signature hybrid mattress is comprised of home-grown ingredients: a responsive coil system and supportive comfort foams, designed with advanced cooling-gel technology to maximize airflow.

Plus, it’s compact enough to fit inside the iconic Stumptown Box—the design for which co-founder Michael Hanna hand-sketched before passing off to a talented local designer.

“We’re unique in the sense that we can take a hybrid mattress, put it into a box, and ship it anywhere in the lower 48,” said Michael.

And best of all? Stumptown mattresses ship for free.

Stumptown Mattress free shipping

From Stumptown’s Dock to Your Doorstep

While Stumptown primarily ships mattresses to customers in Oregon and Washington, the company routinely ships to all 48 contiguous states.

To do this efficiently and cost-effectively, the Hannas needed a shipping partner they could trust.

A few years ago, they discovered Inxeption after trying out several logistics providers who were “less than reliable,” in the words of Michael Hanna.

Since then, Stumptown’s partnership with Inxeption has been a vital component of the company’s direct-to-consumer ecommerce business.

"Inxeption is a fantastic partner. Their flat rate shipping is a lifesaver and makes doing business so much easier,” said Michael.

“We always know exactly what we're going to pay to ship each product, regardless of any slight variations that might take place during manufacturing anomalies. Flat rate shipping is so much easier and takes all questions and confusion out of the equation.”

Stumptown Mattress using the Inxeption platform

Together, Inxeption and Stumptown are creating a new realm of possibility for sleep-lovers everywhere. Generally, order-to-delivery only takes 1-3 business days in both Oregon and Washington and just 2-6 days outside the PNW.

“Our customers benefit from our built-in partnerships,” said Michael.

“We can always count on Inxeption's reliable, professional, courteous customer service. And our customers can always count on us to deliver a better night’s sleep.”

Ready to sleep like a log? Check out Stumptown Mattress’s superior sleep products today.

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