Podcast: Future Proof

In this weekly podcast, Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi joins Joan Hamilton, Chief Content Officer of Inxeption, to discuss how to put digital transformation to work for your B2B company.

Episode 5 - Transformation Begins at the Top

There is no one business function that is the automatic leader of digital transformation. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks about why it’s so critical that a company’s CEO is the loudest champion of future-proofing from day one—so the rest of the team will follow.

Episode 4 - You Can't Afford NOT to use Digital Order Entry

Order mistakes and delays bedevil companies of every size in every industry. An astounding number of B2B orders in traditional channels are still manual, whether by phone, fax, or email. Stop the madness! Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks about how digital order entry speeds up the entire order to ship process and gets the details right the first time.

Episode 3 - Does your CRM help you know your customers?

Customer relationship management software is a mostly historical look at your customer interactions. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi explains how a transaction-based platform can give you a more accurate and up-to-date picture of those key business relationships.

Episode 2 - What is Future Proofing?

To be ready for anything, a business leader needs high-bandwidth communication with every stakeholder, according to Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi. From suppliers, to logistics partners, to customers, digital connection is key to get fast, actionable intelligence to do business better.

Episode 1 - The New Normal

COVID-19 has triggered lots of changes in the economy. Inxeption CEO Farzad Dibachi talks about how companies who are embracing digital transformation are better able to pivot and adapt to any kind of change. Observes Farzad: "The physicality of transactions has to change."

Introducing the Future Proof Podcast

Introduction to our new podcast covering digital transformation to help you Do Business Better

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