Money Power: What do the next 12 months look like?

Do you have a clear sense of your minimum cash requirements for the next twelve months? Have you created a forecasting model with what-if scenarios?

Most business owners and virtually all entrepreneurs have a deep-seated optimism. You set a strategy, you go to work, and with enough energy and determination, success seems inevitable.

But as tempting as it is to rationalize hiccups and economic disruption as temporary, smart managers always have a clear picture in their minds of their cash requirements, as well as a realistic view of the scenarios both internally and externally, that can impact that projection.

Sounds so obvious. But as we work with customers to support their working capital needs, we always find ourselves drawn to those with both optimism and realism.

So do lenders in general. Every business owner needs to be cognizant of bank covenants attached to their current debt. In volatile economic periods, banks realize that many businesses are caught in a squeeze unrelated to their long-term business viability and if you keep your lender informed before they come to collect on delinquent debt, you may be able to work out more favorable terms.

Our financial services arm, Inxeption Capital, recently announced a program that extends merchant cash advances to our customers, to be paid back on a schedule aligned with their future revenue inflow. Our cash requirement worksheet is a tool anyone can use. Visit us here to get one. And then let’s see if Inxeption Capital can help you with strategic resource support.

Here's to your success!

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